A cordial invitation from Team KidStreet to all families who are looking for a school for their precious child !

Story Jam

Story Jam is A uNiQue and cReaTive fUn sUndAy by kids along with their families - To come together to have some fun yet give a lot of take away is the KidStreet way !

~~~ STORY JAM is an event to give the children from age 3 to 12, an arena to imagine and shape their imagination to weave a story along with their families ~~~

What kids do? ~~~ The kids are part of an activity (Surprise…), and they will be given a plot to begin. For the rest, let’s wait and watch.

What Parents do? ~~~ Parents must take the child’s lead and just help the children shaping their idea.

What’s on the fun menu? ~~~ The fun menu has a unique experience, action, drama and food!

Stay tuned for Story Jam 2017 .



KidStreet Carnival

Nothing to do, nothing to do ? Really ?

We have something to do for your kids and you too.

We have a lots in store to tickle your kid's mind at the KidStreet Carnival ! 

Kidstreet Carnival is loaded with brain teasing activities that will spark the child's thinking and creativity! Art, craft, music, maths, D.I.Y., Technology, Science, sensory play and more.... for all children!

KidStreet Carnival is a unique way to give taste of our preschool curriculum which is hands on, demand free and play based.

**Free Event** with some paid food and sales stalls
Age group: 2 to 6 year

Stay tuned for KidStreet Carnival 2018 where kids and parents will have loads of fun!


Taster Day

Get a taste of what life & learning is like at KidStreet, Indira Nagar! Our special 'Taster day' event is organised every month, please come by and get to know us .

Finding the best fit for your child's schooling needs is not easy! At Kidstreet, we completely understand that and want to give you and your child an unique opportunity!

Taster day is a special invitation for your child to come and get a taste of KidStreet's magical journey! For a few hours, just as our student, your child will get to experience and absorb KidStreet's environment closely.

We welcome you to take this chance and get to know us. We strongly believe that education is not a destination, it is a journey and we are eagerly waiting for your kids to join us in this exciting path!

Stay tuned for Taster Day in August 2017.