The Tuning Forks

- An inclusive program for children with Autism -

Our lovely children resonate at a specific pitch when set vibrating by striking it with care. We can hear the pure musical tones in their communication if we wait to allow some high overtone sounds to die out. The pitch depends on our relationship with them.

The word inclusion has become a cliché. We hear about it everyday, but do not get to see it.

"The Tuning Forks" program is an initiative by KidStreet – A preschool in Indiranagar, to build a learning space that cares.

We have started an inclusive program for children diagnosed with Autism, who are ready to be mainstreamed.

The program provides:

• Circle Time, Story time and Play time in regular classroom
• Hanen and RDI based
• Parent Training for Hanen and RDI principles
• Individualized Education Program for every child
• One-on-one Speech Therapy, Special Education and Motor Program
• Oral Placement Therapy for Feeding and Speech Clarity
• “Handwriting without Tears” program for writing

Timings – Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Number of seats – only 5
Age limit – 4 to 7 years