All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination, said Earl Nightingale!

A child's mind is ever changing and ever growing hence we aim to provide our students the chance to develop critical thinking and learn to respond to a dynamic environment. Here is a quick snapshot of our roadmap to education at KidStreet.

2-3 year olds – Explorers

They explore their world and learn about it and how it works by using their senses – tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling. These senses help them understand how things are different from each other and how they work.

3-4 year olds – Adventurers

The child starts to move out of their comfort zone and learns to take risks in life. They develop the ability to see themselves as separate and unique individuals.

4-5 year olds – Navigators

The child learns to navigate through the world with all its variables in order to continue with their adventure. They become increasingly independent, intrigued by the new things they can do.

5-6 year olds – Inventors

The world invented by the child gives them a sense of their self as an active, creative being. They start becoming more aware of the needs and interests of the group and use the power of the word to help define themselves within the group setting.

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