Walking through KidStreet

The classroom activities are broken down into tasks for the children, and instructions are tailored to make sure every child understands.

The Teacher encourages the children to participate in activities, by engaging them in different ways – visually, auditorily, and through movement. The Teachers attention always remains on the learning goals; especially those that go beyond the bare facts. For example, when we share the names of various animals and birds, we include compassion for them as well. When we talk to children about body parts, we make them understand the importance of health, hygiene and personal space.

The children are provided with opportunities to be creative and to connect concepts to one another. The transition from one activity to the next is smooth and most importantly, FUN FILLED!

The Teachers’ provide feedback to our kids that celebrate their progress and assist them in understanding how they accomplish their learning goals.

Come, lets join hands to help our children understand what they want to do with their precious lives…and give them all that they need to learn to be able to do that!