Defining Kidstreet

KidStreet - a playschool in indiranagar, is a childs’ journey as they literally scoot away from babyhood to explore the world around them, have adventures on their own, navigate through these adventure and finally invent themselves through this journey. It is the time when they learn to talk, to walk and run, and to assert their independence. Children need to be given many opportunities to explore the world around them. They need to be given the space and freedom to investigate, which is a very important part of helping them grow.

Exploring the inside and outside world — with supervision, of course — is important for child’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. They learn more about the world and how it works. A child’s interest in learning about the world encourages them to use their senses – tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling. Their senses help them understand how things are different from each other and how they work. Its one thing to see an orange, but it's another to hold it in your hand, feel it’s cool, smooth surface, smell its fragrance, maybe even taste it.

By trying new ways to handle objects and by asking questions, a child begins to learn how to solve problems. Exploring also gives children a chance to work on important motor skills. Whether it's kicking a ball or climbing stairs, they can persist until they get it right. Doing so not only adds skills, it boosts their sense of confidence and competence. In other words, they begin to think: "I can do it!" Another result of exploring, as mentioned before, is social and emotional growth. When a child knows that they can explore their environment and yet return to an adult when they need help, they become secure and confident.

Exploration will always lead to all kinds of interesting and fascinating adventures. The Child starts to move out of their comfort zone and learns to take risks in life. This further enhances the continuum of their knowledge on how to problem solve, how to self-regulate, and further encourages the growth of imagination and curiosity for the world around them. They have the ability to see themselves as separate and unique individuals.

As children get more comfortable in their adventures, they learn to navigate through the world with all its variables in order to continue with their adventure. They continue to develop self-regulation, problem solving ability, social and emotional competence, initiative, imagination and original thinking. They become increasingly independent, intrigued by the new things they can do.

This world they invent in free form is literally made out of themselves, spun out of their own subjectivity. This created world, in turn, gives the child a sense of their self as an active, creative being. The child is the ruler of their tiny kingdom, and in it they feel deliciously free and alive. They start becoming more aware of the needs and interests of the group and use the power of the word to help define themselves within the group setting. 

At KidStreet - a pre school in indiranagar, we help every child to develop a sense of security, belonging and purpose, a sense of personal competence and pride, a sense of trust, responsibility and contribution, a sense of making real choices and decisions, a sense of self-discipline and self-control, a sense of encouragement, support and reward, and a sense of accepting mistakes and failure. All this together help the child develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. This self-esteem is shaped not only by a child's own perceptions and expectations, but also by the perceptions and expectations of significant people in their life - how they are thought of and treated by parents, teachers and friends. The closer their perceived self (how they see themselves) comes to their ideal self (how they would like to be), the higher their self-esteem.