Day Care

day care

KidStreet - a pre-school and a daycare in indiranagar,  is a friendly childcare centre for children of working parents. Expert and loving care-givers take care of children in the after-school hours. Delightful snacks, colourful art, cognitive and movement based games, and a peaceful snooze is part of the programme. 

The age appropriate day-care activities are organised to keep kids engaged meaningfully and also continue to learn by hands on experiences. A sneak peak into our typical day care routine would be something like :

Indoor Activities: Board games, Strategy games, Art and craft, Music & Movements, Home work time, Reading books in library etc.

Outdoor Activities: Sand play, Water play, Physical Activities, Exercise Time, Hopscotch, Bowling games etc.

Weekly once Activities: Movie Day, Community Service Day, Gardening, Household involvement, Science Activities etc.

The day care children can also enroll into the activities carried by professionals for children to Explore | Discover | Learn. We are providing dedicated activities for Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Science and Discovery, Technology and Sensory Experience.

Some of these activities are:

  • Creative Movement and Fusion Dance by Shamanth
  • Karate class by VENKAT THE BULL (International fighter), KYUKUSHIN KAI~KAN ORGANISATION
  • Handwriting Without Tears – Classes for hands-on, developmental approach for learning effectively with joy. It is an easier and a happier way for children to master handwriting. Handwriting Without Tears provides excellent materials for children to practice handwriting in a structured way. Millions of students have successfully used the program. The result truly is handwriting without tears!

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Day Care Hours: 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Saturdays.

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