At KidStreet, we follow the Rhyme and Reason Curriculum developed by The Teacher Foundation. This curriculum is a balanced program with equal elements of art and craft, songs, hands-on activities and concepts. 

Rhyme and Reason introduces learning to early years learners in a playful, happy, meaningful manner – a sound basis for success later in their school life.

The objectives of this curriculum include:

  1. Pre-school children being able to learn in an exploratory, multi-sensorial manner.
  2. Young learners being able to get a good grounding in early literacy and numeracy skills.
  3. Young children being able to demonstrate age-appropriate social and emotional skills.
  4. Young learners are provided a lot of choices while teaching.
  5. Learning is made to develop critical thinking skills and dynamic intelligence, rather than teaching the facts and static components.

As the Touch Stone Program from TTF, the KidStreet staff has received training from the experts from TTF in 10 different child centric topics.

For more details visit The Teacher Foundation. However, KidStreet is not affiliated to The Teacher Foundation.